• The 30-Second Switch to Think More Positive

    debraheslin July 25, 2018

    Everything starts in your Mind and the way you perceive the world through your senses.  The human mind is so powerful, and our ideas and perceptions have an amazing influence on our actions. Emotions are powerful and attractive elements that provide meaning to our life, so delight in them all.  We can learn to regulate… Read More

  • You are In charge of you

    debraheslin February 9, 2018

    Being in charge of your mind, means you can be in charge of your results. We can change the way we think, and hold a positive outcome on what it is we want to achieve, and then, turn the focus on what we want to happen. This alone will move toward producing the results we… Read More

  • Quick Tips to Finding the Present Moment

    debraheslin June 21, 2017

    What thoughts are you repeating in your mind lately? Are they helping or hurting you? We all have the ability to shift our thoughts that are not helping and focus in the moment, the now, the present! In our forever busy, multi-tasking lives, living and experiencing “the now” is somehow lost. We are so immersed… Read More

  • Positive Thinking

    debraheslin May 25, 2017

    Changing Your Thinking and Aсhiеving your Goals Pоѕitivе thinking can help your ѕuссеѕѕes, boost your hеаlth, and propel you to асhiеvе аnуthing уоu wаnt. Changing your thinking in a positive direction will change the outcome you want to achieve. We are faced with making a dесiѕiоn еvеrуdау. Many times, wе wonder whу thingѕ dоn’t wоrk… Read More

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