• Debra, thanks for being you! Anyone can read a script and recite it to a group of people, you however live NLP and teach at such a personal level to all of us.  You are so generous with your time, passion and patience.  I wish I had taken NLP during my corporate position, I would have enjoyed the last ten years of my career so much more.  You are a natural leader and teacher and masterful in every sense.  Thank you.

  • My NLP Training certification was so amazing. Thank you Deb – you are an incredible teacher!

  • Debra, as a trainer is awesome! I highly recommend her NLP Training. My classmates were incredible also. During the training, I discovered my favored method of learning is auditory, and we learned how to build rapport and communicate effectively with others using their preferred language. Language can be utilized to facilitate communication and produce change. We learned that and a lot more.

  • I must begin with gratitude for the experience this past week with you Deb. Your passion, your purposeful communication, your embodiment of possibilities reaffirms my vision of awareness. NLP has been part of my goals for a very long time, just needed to find a fitting example and that is YOU. My encounters with others are strong evidence of my shift in consciousness. “Turn in the direction of what you want” will resonate with me forever. I find myself starting every question with “will it be possible?” or “can you imagine?……that’s right, it is possible for you to imagine”. I will rest assured that my conscious and unconscious mind will be in complete congruency to allow my best to be present in my body all the time. The light in me will now operate from a comfort state of knowing that what triggers my expeditious energy will be equal to my capacity to create. As I continue to evolve in my existential journey, my path will reflect the impact of my awareness.
    I am daring greatly to say to the future “Deb, your spiritual reach will enlighten the state of awareness in so many souls in need. It is my privilege to be a part of this empire.”

    Sharon R.
  • This past week I completed the NLP certification course with Deb and received four different certifications in a matter of 7 days.

    I have been to several conferences, trainings, summits, and courses throughout my career in a few different industries and professions – this was by far my best experience. I learned an incredible amount of information and feel extremely confident in everything I’ve learned. Not to mention, I am extremely excited to go out and practice it with my new clients.

    Deb goes above and beyond as a trainer. She truly cares about each and every one of her trainees. It was an honor and a privilege to train with her. I am proud and humbled with gratitude to call her a mentor and friend for life.

    Kari P
  • Before I started working with my professional coach, Deb, I had been to many therapists over the years and expected something similar. Life was hard and that is how I thought it was supposed to be. Boy was I wrong.

    During my very first session with Deb I realized how different working with a coach is from what I was expecting. Immediate results is not an overstatement. The tools I was provided started working on day one. The path was forward and that is where I went. My first year I set some pretty lofty goals that I was unsure I could meet. I achieved them in half the time projected and overcame obstacles one by one in the process. And life doesn’t stop once you achieve one goal no matter how high you set it. I now had tools that I never had before. I practiced living on a higher level with a different perspective and I started setting new goals. It never got easy, but my perspective shifted.

    I first met Deb a year and a half ago and I am not the same person I was back then. Working with her has helped me transform on so many levels. I am no longer on the receiving end of circumstances, I am the creator of my future, and my future has become a canvas of unlimited opportunities. I am a better version of myself because I know how to be. With the support, resources and encouragement of my performance coach, I will scale many more mountains, I will slay dragons I never knew existed, I no longer fail, I learn. And my exponential growth will continue.

    Peri R
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