The Coherence Advantage™ Course

Activate the power and intelligence of your own heart and spirit. HeartMath® solutions enable you to change what you couldn’t before.

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Some of the highlights of the course Include:

Inner Ease™

Learn techniques to create a state of Inner Ease™, maintaining an active calm while being alert and focused.

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Learn how to navigate stressful situations with flow and ease.


Identify sources of energy drain, and establish a coherent baseline to recharge & expand your energy capacity.

Avoid Burnout & Fatigue

Learn strategies to keep your inner battery charged and how to move from depletion to renewal. 

Increased Resilience

Embrace challenge and improve performance. Learn how to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity. 

 Personal Transformation

Understand the science and practice of getting into sync to break through self-limiting patterns.

Learn how to shift from:

Uncertainty and clouded thinking to discernment for making more effective choices

Being anxious, overwhelmed, or impatient to experiencing ease, flow, and peace of mind.

Stressful interactions and relationships to kinder, more patient and cooperative ones.

Feeling exhausted or mentally and emotionally drained, to experiencing more energy, better sleep, and motivation.

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Meet your Certified  HeartMath Coherence Advantage Trainer

I help people worldwide learn about themselves and recognize patterns and behaviors that are holding them back from achieving their goals and living in their ideal state of health and fulfillment.

My journey here started with a nagging curiosity to better understand how simple changes I was making (like moving my body) made such a profound difference in other areas of my life.

Myself and my community are now on a mission using what we know about the brain and our body to take accountability for our reality and live more fulfilled and healthier lives.

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Virtual Course

This course will be live and interactive on zoom and approximately 8-10 hours over two separate days.



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What People Are Saying: 

julie thompson life coach NLP trainer


“The new HeartMath Coherence Advantage Training with Debra Heslin was nothing short of amazing. 

Debra is a world-class facilitator, she provides a wealth of knowledge and is genuinely committed and passionate about her work. 

I’ve attended the HeartMath training previously, however, I learned so much more with some of the new content. 

I loved learning the deeper science behind the heart frequency and how it signals the amygdala and its direct impact on our brain's state and our thoughts and emotions. 

I also got some deep insights into two current areas I’m navigating, one in business and one in my personal life. 

Thank you, Debra, for your outstanding delivery. Your trainings are always incredible.”

- Julie T.

Life Coach & NLP Trainer - Gold Coast, Queensland, Austrailia

Previous HeartMath attendee


I had the pleasure of attending Debra Heslin's training on heart coherence through HeartMath, and I must say it was an enlightening and transformative experience.

Debra's expertise in the field, combined with her warm and engaging teaching style, made the training both informative and enjoyable. 

She skillfully guided us through various techniques and exercises that helped us tap into the power of our hearts and achieve a state of coherence. 

Her genuine passion for the subject and her ability to create a supportive and nurturing learning environment truly set her apart.

I left the training feeling inspired, equipped with practical tools that I can incorporate into my daily life for greater emotional balance and well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Debra Heslin's training to anyone seeking to enhance their heart coherence and unlock their full potential."

- Cody N. 

Life Coach - Texas, USA 

Previous HeartMath attendee


“The HeartMath class - I am so appreciative of the techniques I learned that reinforce my power to heal myself and others. 

As a coach, Debra over-delivers value, and it probably spoils me a little in how that alters my expectations of other courses. 

These techniques reduce my excuses as to why I don't have "time" to focus on my own emotional self-care. 

These techniques are so efficient for me and others, it's been so very interesting to have already taught others and put it into practice together... in particular, to observe its impact on some of the people in my life who seem to resist effective use of other techniques. This was fun, interesting, and well-timed. 

Do yourself and others a favor and jump on it, the next time she's gracious enough to teach it.”

- Natalie

Family Therapist & Coach - New York, USA

Previous HeartMath attendee

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