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HeartMath - The Coherence Advantage Course - July 2024

Dates:  July 19 and 20, 2024

Times:  2 PM to 6 PM EST

This course will be live and interactive on zoom and approximately 8-10 hours over two separate days.

PDF Workbook included as well as other tools-

Some of the highlights of the course Include:

  • Expanding our Energy Capacity - and the tools and techniques to do that
  • Self-Regulation - The Key to Having More Energy - what are major sources of energy drains and technique to assist with that
  • The Science and Practice of Getting in Sync
  • Moving from Depletion to Renewal - Keeping Your Inner Battery Charged
  • Practical Intuition: Accessing Our Inner GPS and Unfolding Creative Solutions - technique to achieve with that
  • Establishing Coherent Baselines: Breaking Through Self-Limiting Patterns
  • Energetic Communication: "What Are We Feeding The Field?" - It Matters
  • Building A New Foundation for Sustaining Personal Transformation: Your Next Steps


For more information call 954.226.0078 or email [email protected]

What People Are Saying:

HeartMath has transformed the way I feel about myself, others and life. The techniques taught so beautifully by Deb have shown how powerful the Heart is and how simple and easy it is to shift energy and perceptions into positive fields of emotions and ways of being. The value that it’s added to my every day life is truly a gift. I’m able to find coherence and resonance even in the midst of chaotic situations and help not only my own grounding and well-being but for others as well. Deb’s poised and dynamic energy is amazing – I’m consistently impressed with the finesse, love and caring in which she leads and teaches. I’m so very grateful to her and for this opportunity to learn and apply HeartMath which has allowed me to become calmer and more balanced. Everyone should take this course to help create a more heart-connected world!


Thanks heartily again for the shared study, and for what I have added to my knowledge sheet, thanks to you! The new look, consolidation, connection between the topics and their unification make everything work better.These simple practices are extremely valuable to me! I am really excited to work on turning knowledge into skills I believe will change my life and the lives of many people around me. I can imagine this knowledge spreading around the world and making it a better place because of you! Isn't that beautiful! You are beautiful and amazing! I'm glad we met!

Antonia Toshevska

Thank you so much for all of your teachings. I'm definitely going to apply these techniques throughout my day as well as with my clients. I'm super grateful for this amazing weekend with everyone. Thanks again Deb. You Rock!!!

Robert Bushnell

What a wonderful course, and you are a talented facilitator! Thank you for the many gifts you gave to my mind and soul over the last two days.

Sara Jessa

I had the pleasure of attending Debra Heslin's training on heart coherence through HeartMath, and I must say it was an enlightening and transformative experience. Debra's expertise in the field, combined with her warm and engaging teaching style, made the training both informative and enjoyable. She skillfully guided us through various techniques and exercises that helped us tap into the power of our hearts and achieve a state of coherence. Her genuine passion for the subject and her ability to create a supportive and nurturing learning environment truly set her apart. I left the training feeling inspired, equipped with practical tools that I can incorporate into my daily life for greater emotional balance and well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Debra Heslin's training to anyone seeking to enhance their heart coherence and unlock their full potential.


I had the pleasure of taking the HeartMath Coherence Advantage Workshop with Debra Heslin. This was such an amazing workshop! Debra is so knowledgeable and is able to explain anything she teaches in a way that is so easy to understand. Debra is a kind and compassionate woman and it shows in everything she does! Due to unforeseen circumstances the training was rescheduled and since I had signed up months prior, I didn’t realize how busy life would be. I have taken other trainings with Debra and knew regardless of what was going on I needed to take a pause and find a way to fit the training into my schedule. I was already balancing more than I could handle & on top of that I was having an issue getting into the training (a tech issue on my side). I logged in feeling overwhelmed and stressed to the place of uncontrollable tears. One technique into the seminar and I was glad I didn’t just throw in the towel to feeling overwhelmed. By the end of the training, I was not only in a better headspace but learned so many valuable techniques to help keep myself more grounded and in a more coherent state of mind! Saying I am blessed to be able to learn from one of my favorite mentors is an understatement! I highly recommend any type of training with Debra! Thank you Deb for providing me more tools I can incorporate into my own life and my coaching business!"


The new HeartMath Coherence Advantage Training with Debra Heslin was nothing short of amazing. Debra is a world class facilitator, she provides a wealth of knowledge and is genuinely commitment and passionate with her work. I’ve attended the HeartMath training previously, however I learnt so much more with some of the new content. I loved learning the deeper science behind the heart frequency and how it signals the amygdala and its direct impact on our brain's state and our thoughts and emotions. I also got some deep insights into two current areas I’m navigating, one in business and one in my personal life. Thank you Debra, for your outstanding delivery. Your trainings are always incredible.


Taking the HeartMath training with Debra was life changing for me! She made the process energizing, fun, interactive and was very thorough in explaining the science behind HeartMath. I was able to use the breathing right away! I had a CT scan last week and felt apprehensive as I'd never had the procedure before = fear of the unknown. I used HeartMath breathing during the exam & came through with ease. I've been using HeartMath breathing with my Havening clients before and at the conclusion of our sessions. It provides a safe and focused place for us to connect. I've had success using HeartMath during my daily 2 hour meditation practice. HeartMath supports me in staying in a highly relaxed state and I'm able to go deeper while using the breathing techniques. I just received my HeartMath Inner Balance device and look forward to learning the app with my iPhone. It will be a wonderful addition to my self care tools! Thank you so much Debra!


The HeartMath class - I am so appreciative of the techniques I learned that reinforce my power to heal myself and others. As a coach, Debra over delivers value and it probably spoils me a little in how that alters my expectations of other courses. These techniques reduce my excuses as to why I don't have "time" to focus on my own emotional self care. My family and workload are a blessing - and - a significant source of what I tell myself is the reason why I spend insufficient attention on my own emotional wellbeing. These techniques are so efficient for me and others, it's been so very interesting to have already taught others and put it into practice together... in particular, to observe its impact on some of the people in my life that seem to resist effective use of other techniques. This was fun, interesting and well timed. Do yourself and others a favor and jump on it, the next time she's gracious enough to teach it.


I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for The HeartMath Coherence Advantage course. Your sharing over the weekend was incredibly valuable, and the techniques you provided are not only easy to use but also applicable to both my family life and work. I've started implementing some of these techniques with my three children and they're absolutely loving it! Additionally, I've successfully integrated them into my client sessions, yielding wonderful results. I genuinely appreciate the entire course, the materials, the science behind and your generosity in sharing so much knowledge. Your teaching style made it accessible and easy to understand. This weekend was a fantastic experience, a true journey of personal growth. Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed it!


I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the HeartMath Coherence Advantage program. I knew a little about HeartMath, and found Debra to be an inspiring and effective facilitator for NLP, so I signed up. I'm so happy I did! Learning with a skilled facilitator like Debra Heslin is such a joy! She has an engaging, thoughtful approach to teaching, and the balance of information sharing, practice, and variety of teaching tools works well for all learning modes. I appreciate that Debra openly shares about her experiences using the tools and techniques. Giving examples of what has worked, and how to adjust when things don't go as expected, is so helpful. The Coherence Advantage techniques can be applied in so many situations. It was like finally finding words and exercises to explain feelings I've had for a long time. Now the Coherence Advantage tools will help me guide my clients to recognize their emotions and help shift them in ways that support their goals. I'm so grateful to Debra for this training, and I look forward to learning more with her in future classes.


These were 2 very inspiring days with you for which I'm extremely grateful. I did two Heart Lock-Ins today which really gave me energy. And a little (intuition) voice spoke to me this morning giving me great advice. This course has already brought me so much, I can hardly believe it. You'll definitely be getting referrals from me and I look forward to meeting up again with the group. Warm wishes and heart love.


I loved all the simple, yet profound, techniques you taught. They empower us to move to the next level vibrationally, while building our resilience to bounce back from difficult situations! I loved learning the comprehensive science behind Heart-Math techniques! I enjoyed the energy of the class and how flexible you were with answering everyone’s questions while respectfully keeping the course on track! I look forward to applying what I’ve learned to my everyday life! A very heart-felt thanks!