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Master Practitioner Training November 2024

NLP Master Practitioner Course – become a master in what you do and help others master what it is they want to achieve.   Achieve exceptional skills for managing and working with others at a higher level. Train with us to be a fully certified NLP Master Practitioner with this training course, a Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy®, NLP and NLP Coaching. This course is delivered virtual it is exactly what you would receive at in-person training without the added expense.  This training is suited for: - NLP Practitioners who wish to take their NLP skills to the next level - Business Coaches, Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Performance Coaches or anyone wanting to build a career in any form of coaching. Social Workers, Therapists, etc., wanting to add to their skills Existing NLP Master Practitioners looking for a refresh source to hone their skills. Business leaders, sales professionals, leaders, human resource professionals and education specialists. Throughout these ten days - (one day off - the 6th day) you will learn Values and what the different values levels mean and develop skills to understand how our values, which are important to us, can effect everything that we do.  You will learn to elicit Complex Meta Programs and recognize why and how people do what they do. You will also learn at a deeper level the use of language even more and develop sleight of mouth patterns and know exactly what that means and how and when to use it. You will receive a full breakthrough on any area of your life, individually valued at $3,500,00 and learn how to do a full breakthrough on a client. For more information email [email protected] or call 954.226.0078

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