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3-Day Virtual Hypnosis Certification Training - May 17-19, 2024

times: 1-9 PM EST

You will leave this training with everything you need to know to do hypnosis sessions with your clients or for yourself. 

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NLP Certification Course, June 2024

This course includes certifications in NLP Practitioner Hypnosis Time Line Techniques, NLP Coaching

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Master Practitioner Training - March 14-26, 2024 1-9 PM EST

NLP Master Practitioner Course – become a master in what you do and help others master what it is they want to achieve.Achieve exceptional skills for managing and working with others at a higher level. what you would receive at in-person training.

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A Holistic Approach to Body Image

Get everything you need to create the body you desire and the confidence that comes with it.You will.The things that affect our overall health, are connected to memories, environment, learned behavior and habits,he changes to achieve new goals

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Individual Breakthrough Coaching Program

In this Breakthrough Coaching Program you will receive individual coaching from Debra in any area of your life you choose to work on such as Health and Wellness.

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The High Performance 12 session coaching program

Debra will work with you by asking challenging and empowering questions to go to that next level. This powerful program is not for everyone - it is for someone who is ready to take that next step

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Simple Strategies for Success

This course is specifically designed with simple strategies to achieve success every time no matter what it is you are wanting to create.Easy to follow along videos and PDF workbook as well as a bonus section at the end.

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VIP Membership

Access to numerous tools and techniques and videos collected over the years to utilize at your own pace. 

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HeartMath Coherence Advantage Course


This training is approximately 10 hours and will be conducted live on zoom

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Emotional Intelligence Profile Reading

This incredible EQ Profile (Emotional Intelligence) tool measures your internal experience under stress in relationship in the moment. The resulting report is intended to create awareness of aspects of your inner world that may otherwise be hidden to you.

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Mastering Your Well-Being

This is a 12-week program that is a holistic approach to wellness and your well-being. Most weeks will include a worksheet for you to follow along with and tools and techniques to apply for that week.Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

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Tasking Toolkit for Coaches

This product is filled with tools and techniques for coaches or anyone wanting to have more tasks for their clients or themselves.

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Enneagram - IEQ9

The Enneagram is used by a variety of individuals and organizations across different fields, including business, personal development, coaching, and spiritual communities.

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Introduction to Ancient Wisdom

to be announced

Discover ancient teachings of wisdom to live your most empowered life now.

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Numerology and Understanding Your Numbers

to be announced

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What Others Are Saying


I have been to several conferences, trainings, summits, and courses throughout my career in a few different industries and professions – this was by far my best experience. I learned an incredible amount of information and feel extremely confident in everything I’ve learned. Not to mention, I am extremely excited to go out and practice it with my new clients.


The Resilience Workshop was fabulous! Every technique and exercise we practiced brought me to a progressively greater sense of quietness, ease, resilience, coherence, and balance. Deb's approach was dynamic and she spoke from the heart, providing relevant examples and personal stories. The sessions were extremely well-organized and the visuals and materials were clear and readily available. After learning the techniques, I have used them with each of my clients. Doing so has brought them to a positive, centered, and resourceful state during our sessions, and each client has reported a greater sense of ease and clarity after practicing the techniques.

Joelle Prochera

When I signed up for Debra's NLP program I had no idea what I was getting into. I had no idea that the content would be so robust, that I had over 50 hours of prep work and learning before the program even began. I had no idea that mid-way through the week-long training I would be having so much fun (even over Zoom) that I would not want the week to end. I had no idea that I would be learning new things that I would find to be completely important and essential after over 20 years as a professional coach. And I had no idea that I would be so moved by the content and the potential of this work that I would find myself launching into extended study, seeking mastery in these new (to me) distinctions because of the powerful impact I am seeing in my life and the lives of my clients. If you have heard about NLP and are wondering if you should take the plunge, I highly recommend working with Debra as your guide on this new adventure into the inner workings of the unconscious mind.


During my very first session with Deb I realized how different working with a coach is from what I was expecting. Immediate results is not an overstatement. The tools I was provided started working on day one. The path was forward and that is where I went. My first year I set some pretty lofty goals that I was unsure I could meet. I achieved them in half the time projected and overcame obstacles one by one in the process. And life doesn’t stop once you achieve one goal no matter how high you set it. I now had tools that I never had before. I practiced living on a higher level with a different perspective and I started setting new goals. It never got easy, but my perspective shifted.


The NLP Training Course and Certification is a game changer training and so beyond grateful to have experienced this with Deb. Deb is the differentiator here. It was the BEST training we have done and it has made such a significant impact on our life—the way we approach our work and communication with others and building our business. Can’t thank her enough!


In Sanskrit, Swadhyaya means self study and introspection. Debra Heslin’s workshop this past Sunday with a morning yoga practice and an afternoon life coaching session gave me and thirty other men and women true insight into our passions. Her workshops are a must for anyone looking for tools to live a more fulfilled life. Thank you Deb. You’re a dear friend and an inspirational speaker.


I am so grateful that my friend reached out to me and invited me to Debra's one day event at the Hyatt Regency. I have never done yoga or meditation before and did not know what to expect. The entire event was amazing. My body is a little sore, but most of all, my spirit and passion are renewed. The workshop was incredible.

Jody Pflanzer

Deb’s Resilience Course has given me some wonderful new tools that I have added to my tool box for myself and my clients. They are easy to use and understand.


As an experienced NLP Trainer, Coach & Speaker, I found the Resilience Training program invaluable not only for myself, but also my clients and students. Having the ability to reset my day (and state) by moving into a coherent state in a matter of minutes is truly a remarkable gift that Debra has shared! Highly recommend this training to others. Thank you so much Debra for all you do & be!


I met Debra in September 2019 when my life was a total disaster. I had decided to change everything, a new life with a new job. I found her online while doing some researches for a Hypnosis teacher. I first loved her website, very professional and with taste, called her, and asked to meet her. Once I met her I knew she was the one I needed to help me for that big change in my life. Since then she has been my teacher, I learned NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, and the TimeLine Therapy with her. On top of that, I learned other terrific tools to support my new career. She also became my mentor.
Choosing Debra to help you in your life or learning for a new career, you can't go wrong. She works with her heart and she is very experienced in so many different ways.
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