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Mitchel Zelman: Using NLP to Develop a Growth Mindset and Cultivate Resilience in the Face of Challenges

What Is NLP?

NLP is an abbreviation for “neuro-linguistic programming,” initially developed in the 1970s by the University of California at Santa Cruz professor John Grinder and researcher Richard Bandler.

Despite the common misconception that it is, NLP isn’t a type of therapy. Instead, it’s a solution-focused instructional process that can be used to bring about change that’s both positive and long-lasting. People can better understand how their thinking processes influence every element of their lives with the assistance of NLP, which can serve as a “user manual for the mind.”

By modifying a person’s cognitive process (the “neuro-” component of the phrase) with the help of language and other forms of communication (the “linguistic” component), NLP can help bring about changes that are significant and enduring. In doing so, the individual can “recode” how their brain responds to stimulation (the “programming”), which, in turn, enables them to develop new and improved behaviors.

What Is Zelman’s Experience With NLP, and What Is His Relationship to Debra Heslin?

Zelman has direct experience with NLP through his training with Debra Heslin, a Certified High-Performance Coach based in Fort Lauderdale. Like Heslin, Zelman feels that NLP is widely applicable, transformative, and life-changing.

“NLP is powerful, effective, and applicable to many situations,” says Zelman. However, my most common use with respect to work is the ability to focus on the outcome—the ability to process quicker and more effectively, removing any limiting beliefs by reframing my old patterns.

Generally speaking — to the point of nearly always — thanks to NLP, I don’t have ‘bad days,’ I may have moments where I don’t necessarily feel great, but I just reframe those thoughts and move on.”

Heslin and the people in her community have made it their purpose to use what they’ve learned about the brain and the body to help them accept responsibility for their lives as they are and live in healthier and more fulfilling ways.

Trained in yoga, hypnosis, EQ profile interpretation, HeartMath resilience, success principles, timeline work, and positive psychology, Heslin currently teaches a virtual NLP training course and Master Practitioner NLP training classes.

What Can NLP Do?

NLP can be used independently or with various other treatments to improve efficacy. In particular, hypnotherapy is frequently combined with NLP to bring about desired changes more effectively. There’s no predetermined amount of time in an NLP session; however, clients should anticipate that their sittings will last anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the intricacy of their issues and whether or not a practitioner chooses to incorporate elements of other therapeutic modalities.

Examples of challenges clients might find applying NLP strategies helpful include anxiety and stress, creativity, business performance, sports performance, confidence, learning difficulties, fears and anxieties, relationships, health and wellbeing, personal change, presentation abilities, and parenting abilities.

How Can NLP Help Someone Develop a Growth Mindset and Resilience in the Face of Challenges?

Both Zelman and Heslin believe that NLP can be a potent instrument to foster fortitude and a development mentality in the face of difficulties. Limiting beliefs that hold a person back and prevent them from acquiring a developmental mentality can be focused on and challenged with the aid of NLP. NLP practitioners can develop new neural pathways that promote a development mindset and perseverance by identifying and reframing these limiting beliefs.

NLP practitioners can create a strategy to accomplish their goals and visualize a positive result with the help of methods like goal-setting and mental imagery. Even in the midst of difficulties and failures, this can help them remain inspired and committed to their long-term objectives.

NLP can assist in reframing challenging experiences as teachable moments, assisting practitioners in adopting a more upbeat perspective on life. They can develop tenacity and overcome obstacles more rapidly if they see failures as opportunities for development and learning.

Positive feelings like self-assurance, drive, and resolve can be strengthened with the aid of NLP, making it simpler for practitioners to reach these mental states when faced with difficulties. This can support their ability to maintain composure and toughness under pressure.

In conclusion, NLP has the potential to be an effective instrument for fostering a development mentality and resiliency in the face of obstacles. Practitioners can create an outlook that bolsters development and determination in all facets of their lives by altering limiting beliefs, setting goals, reinterpreting bad experiences, and grounding positive feelings. 

Mitchel adds, “ I’m retaking the NLP course in July with Debra so that I can increase my ability to use the skills in my daily life.”  Save the date for the upcoming training on July 7-9 and July 14-17, 2023, at 2-9:30 PM EST.

About Mitchel Zelman

Mitchel Zelman is an E&S broker, leader, and mentor with a passion for business. Mitchel recently joined the team at USG Insurance Services as the National Director: Brokerage Division.

About Debra Heslin

Debra Heslin is a High-Performance Coach, Master NLP Coach, and Trainer. She works with clients and students all over the globe to help them learn about themselves and identify patterns and behaviors that prevent them from accomplishing their goals and living in an optimal state of health and satisfaction. Heslin’s ventures with NLP began with a persistent curiosity to understand better how simple adjustments she was making (such as moving her body into a more resourceful state) made a significant difference in other areas of her life. Specifically, she wanted to know how and why moving her body changed her mood.

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